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Snow Accessories

Ariens L-3 Synthetic Severe-Duty Gear Lube
Protect Your Snow Blower Gear Case And Keep It Running Like New. Ariens L-3 Synthetic Gear Lubricant Is Formulated For Heavy Load Gear Protection And Fortified For Extreme Pressure. Use Ariens L3 Gear Lube To Lubricate Aluminum And Cast Iron Gear C.
Ariens Non-Abrasive Skid Shoe Kit
Constructed of durable polyurethane material, the Ariens Non-Abrasive snow blower Skid Shoes resist wear while providing protection from scratching and marring of decorative surfaces.
  • Fits models 939003, 920001, 921005, 921006 and 926027
  • Protects the decorative surfaces outside of your home
  • Made of durable polyethylene material
  • Installation hardware included
Ariens Sno-Thro Cover
Designed to protect your investment, the Ariens Professional snow blower cover provides year-round protection for your snowblower. Ariens covers are constructed of tough, durable, washable, and tear-resistant 300 denier polyester with urethane backing and reinforced panels.
  • Fits Ariens deluxe or professional series snow blowers
  • Covers from front to back and under handlebars
  • Elastic hem for a custom fit
  • Maintains flexibility, even on the coldest day
  • For two-stage snow blowers and single-stage blowers with a 26in. or wider cutting width
Ariens Sno-Thro Maintenance Kit (for Ariens Compact and Sno-Tek)
The snow blower maintenance kit is made for Ariens Compact and Sno-Tek models. Keep your snow blower in top operating condition by performing routine maintenance using these factory authorized parts and products.
  • For use on Ariens Compact and Sno-Tek models
  • Kit includes: 32 oz 5w-30 oil, 2 fuel stabilizer packs, 5.25 oz can of Snow Jet, and 3 shear bolts
Ariens Sno-Thro Maintenance Kit (for Ariens Deluxe, Platinum and Professional)
The Snow Blower Maintenance Kit is made for Ariens Deluxe, Platinum and Professional models. It includes one 32 oz. 5W-30 oil, two fuel stabilizer packs, 5.25 oz. can of Snow Jet and 3 shear bolts.
  • Keep your snow blower in top operating condition by performing routine maintenance using these factory authorized parts
  • Snow jet is an aerosol spray that helps prevent snow from sticking to the metal housing, impeller and auger and reduces clogging during snow clearing
  • Ariens 5W-30 engine oil is formulated for cold weather use and provides engine protection under a wide range of operating conditions
  • Ariens fuel stabilizer keeps fuel fresh for up to a year, especially important when using gas produced with ethanol
  • LE shear bolts are designed specifically for Ariens Deluxe, Platinum and Professional models and are designed to protect the engine from damage caused by the auger jamming due to ice chunks or other solid objects
Ariens Snow-Jet
Maximize the performance of your Ariens snow blower in one easy step with Snow-Jet non-stick spray. A petroleum-based product, Snow-Jet is specifically formulated to prevent snow and ice from sticking to surfaces that come in continuous contact with snow, slush, and ice. Before operating your snow blower, simply spray the auger housing and discharge chute for best results. With continued use, the polymer coating builds increasing machine efficiency while reducing the potential for clogs to make snow removal a breeze.
  • Time-saving
  • Easy-to-use, just shake and spray
  • Effective on metal and plastic surfaces
  • 11 oz. aerosol can
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