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Snow Accessories

Pelican Mega Snow Runner
Two riders will head straight down with the Mega Snow Runner’s grooved bottom. Lightweight and economical.
Pelican Race Rocket
Adorned with a hot flame job, this sit-in inflatable sled means speed!
Pelican Rotator
The snow tube for solo runs. Lively rotation design. Built to last with double welded seams.
Pelican Sizzler 36
Maneuverability and precision for the solo rider. Hand levers change direction and brake. There’s even built-in pull rope storage!
Pelican Snow Runner
With a grooved bottom for straight tracking, this will be one fast streak down the hill.
Pelican Twister Sled
A classic saucer- you’ll never know which way you’ll spin down hill. Molded handles and a cool swirl design.
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