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Project Chenga: ‘A new school Street Bike with old school vibes’ The brief was to design a brand-new street bike from the ground up using the latest technology and components available on the market. The bike had to fulfil the demands of the rapidly emerging wheelie scene, but also be tough and versatile enough to cater for how the wheelie culture might develop (as tricks progress and crossover to BMX/trials/street riding). Looking to the future, we set to work creating a true BMX/MTB/Cruiser/Retro hybrid. With a massive input from our key OG wheelie riders and ultimate design realisation from our highly experienced product design team, the result is in our minds and of the opinions of many influential riders in the scene, a ‘masterpiece’. The first totally dedicated wheelie/street bike that brings all flavours together and ticks all the boxes for all riders. Wheelie it, trick it, race it, Chenga is ready. We just set the record straight, now its time for the rest to follow. Riding features: Designed by riders, for riders Lightweight construction for ultimate control Fat retro inspired appearance, clean lines and easy to customize 10 gears, carefully selected for all riding conditions Mafiabikes suede wheelie seat with quick release (quick height change for all conditions) Solid rear axle for easy peg installation Bullet proof drive-train for extended riding sessions (day after day) Exaggerated outboard chainstays for easy foot placement (frame work) Twin top tube for frame stands + any other new tricks you can invent Lagos snakeskin tires – designed for swerving with more aggressive tread the further you lean - weighted for combo tricks
$649.99 - $699.99
The Medusa is the most popular wheelie bike on the scene! Kitted out with everything you need. Liquids, wheelie seat and equipped with our Brand new snakeskin 2 tires ,this bike is a swerve machine!
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